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😇Dance with Danger 👹
Shadow Work

 from disregulated to totally in love with your own bs 
 attention: deep divers 

(or 2 payments of $50 USD)

Wtf even is a "shadow"?


Your shadow is the gremlin who hangs out over your shoulder whispering “Oh my god Becky, look at her butt. It's so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute.” 👹 Meanwhile you’re secretly wishing you had a gargantuan juicy peach 🍑 or you only hate big butts cuz someone made fun of your delicious rump in high school. 🍔 Watching someone get attention for their tasty truffles might make you triggered and feeling… bummed. 🥁 Or, it might activate your envious side and cause you to begin doing muscle-building squats. 🦵

Eh, not that big of a deal, perhaps. 💅

Except our shadow can also completely ruin our fucking lives when it remains unintegrated and continues to grow. 

Imagine a different scenario. You had this dream of being a writer. When you were young, maybe you expressed your vision to your fam, but they're a bunch of belching-over-microwaved-din-dinz to Wheel of Fortune folk. "Those dreams are for trustfund kids, Daphne-Terese. You're not like those people. You live in the real world. You need to get a real job." And maybe this story loops in the background of your psyche, unbeknownst to you. And it creates ashadow. A storm cloud that grows bigger and bigger the longer you push it away. 😔


You might try and write in your spare time but the message of "you're not like those people" repeats itself. 📼 And the more you ignore your true calling, and the more you live out of autopilot, the bigger this shadow gets. 👹

And depending on your personality type (which is why it's included in this workshop) will depend on how you behave with this shadow lurking over your shoulder whispering sweet beatings in your eardrum. You may feel it's "bad" to go against your family and stand out. It may cause you to blow up creative opportunities because you believe you're truly defective and incapable of writing. It might cause you to play it safe with a 60-hour/week office job that pays a steady wage when your heart yearns for werewolf romance. Or perhaps you become an editor, where you can still be part of the machine but you're not fulfilled.


You feel a dissonance. You take steps forward and then it collapses. You pick up the pieces and try again. 🥀


But now what's also in the shadow isn't just this withering writer who feels sadness over not feeling good enough to follow her dreams, but it's also envy towards people who are able to make a go of it writing. Maybe you grow to hate other writers. Or perhaps you overly idealize them, and date scummy, "tortured" Kerouac wannabes who treat you like shit. 👨‍🎨💩 Maybe someone you know gets published and you can't take it anymore. Maybe you have to edit someone's book whose entire premise is like something you wrote ten years ago, and it becomes a bestseller. Fuck it all! Gin becomes your best friend, and the subsequent rosacea your constant companion. Maybe you stop reading altogether! You hate everyone! You hate life. Why bother?

Or you could integrate your shadow. 

Wtf even is "integrate"?

What I mean by "integration" is to make whole. Accept. Forgive. Love unconditionally. Anything about yourself that you feel is so grotesque, deplorable, covered in stink and smeg that it is worthy of being exiled and squished into the shadow. No one can see it or *hides face in shame* and *never speaks to anyone ever again.*

Integration is about allowing and releasing judgment. That starts with yourself, and it ripple effects outward to others, too. When you're at peace with who you are, the world becomes quieter, freer, more beautiful and abundant.

Importance around "shoulds" and "coulds" melts away. The struggle dissolves. Trying to live up to other people's idea of success - in the trash. Being controlled by the emotions you get from being around other people - in the trash.


Boundaries are natural to embody. Self-belief becomes a constant state vs something you have to keep generating.

You just are. In all of your glorious, previously "shameful" bullshit. Which you now wear like a warm fur (or faux fur) coat.


🌕 unintegrated shadow shows up like 🌑

  • Keeping you stuck in your snuggie and never reaching for anything more than what you already have

  • It keeps you comparing yourself to Becky With the Good Hair (who isn’t even worth comparing yourself to, tbh)

  • It holds you emotionally hostage to anyone who annoys you 😭 being triggered and having no idea why (or what to do)

  • It keeps you repeating patterns that fuck you over like a wind-up toy hitting its head against the wall, over and over and over and over 🤖

  • It prevents you from entering your most fabulous Angelyne/Beyonce/Morrissey era (why not have all 3 eras?)

  • It also keeps you un-selfaware - and if you’re a creative who isn’t doing Shadow Work, you’re leaving your fucking gold 🔑 in the mines and creating out of granite or whatever the cheap rock is. ❌🪨❌


🌓 what integrating your shadow does... 🌗

  • You become the powerful creator of your reality, emotions, thoughts, outcomes

  • Makes you hate yourself less and love yourself more (priceless) 🪩

  • You become aware of what inside of you needs healing - and you heal it ✨

  • You show yourself grace, forgiveness and experience wholeness and acceptance with every part of your unique being

  • You live a more aligned, fulfilling life and no longer need to autopilot into coping mechanisms that 🍆 you over

  • Integrating your shadow doesn’t mean you can’t still be a big bitch, it just means you can be a more integrated and aligned one ✨🐩✨ (high ROI)

  • You view + interact with your relationships totally differently (and are no longer as or *at all* triggered by people close to you) 🧘 

  • You save on therapy billz 🤑 (and probably booze, ciggies, vapes)

  • You remove some of huge identity blocks stopping you from being/doing/having what you want (priceless) ⚒️

(or 2 payments of $50 USD)

not sure if this is for you yet?


🌓 included 🌗

What you get is a combination of teachings (so you actually understand wtf is going on in your mind + bod) and tools + techniques to get you integrated with the parts that are lurking in the shadows, and feeling whole af.


Module 1: Shadow Work Basics

  • Intro to Shadow Work workshop (44 minutes)

  • Shadow Work workbook + video walkthrough (22 minutes)

  • Guided somatic exercises (video) to help you ease into the process + what to do if something feels sticky

  • A powerful integration exercise you can use on shadow work or any internal conflict (16 min video + workbook)


Module 2: Enneagram + The Shadow 

  • Quick Intro to the Enneagram (9 minutes)

  • Intro to the Personality Traps (22 minutes) + workbook

  • WTF is My Personality Doing? (78 minutes) + prompts

  • Guided Shadow Integration Exercises for Each Enneagram Type to Unf*ck Yourself


Module 3: Trigger Hunting 

  • Triggers 101 (20 minutes) + audio for bringing awareness to the body (23 minutes)

  • Neutralizing Triggers guided audio (38 minutes)

  • Bonus: If You Have Resistance to Letting Go

  • Finding Shadow Triggers Using the Enneagram (coming soon...)

  • Neutralizing Triggers for Each Type (coming soon...)

Module 4: Powerful Manifestation Techniques Post-Shadow Work 

  • Leaving the Comfort Zone + The Agent Smith Effect (40 minutes)

  • Glimmer Hunting (20 minutes)

  • more coming soon...


  • 4-part video series on how the mind works, creates our reality and how to tap into purpose

(or 2 payments of $50 USD)

if you're using an older device/not able to sign up with the link above, sign up below and i'll add you to the course portal within 24 hours!
not sure if this is for you yet?


Do I need to know the Enneagram to take this workshop?

Nope! I teach you enough of what you need to know to use it for Shadow Work. I've tried to keep it as zoomed in as possible to what's actually useful for you to make a big shift in your life.

Will this teach me the Enneagram?

It will teach you specific aspects of the Enneagram, but it's not an exhaustive program.

What if I don't like this or don't feel like it 'worked', can I get a refund?

Nope! Due to the digital nature of this program, and because it's for inner work, it's non-refundable. Please don't buy this unless you have the financial means and this feels aligned to you. If you actually do the prompts/fill out the workbooks and pay attention you will have 'aha' moments and potentially significant transformations. I use high level techniques and zero in on what is the most useful so that you'll be able to have the most impactful experience possible. If you're not sure if this is the right investment for you, feel free to ask me questions directly.

How long will I have access to this workshop material?

For as long as I have this website! As a student, you're also granted access to any updates or additionsI make to this workshop.

Is there any live element? When is it? Will it be recorded?

Yes. There will be at least one live call (perhaps more in the future). Date TBA. It will be recorded so you can catch it if you're not available.

Can I do this if I'm struggling with mental illness/issues?

Unless you have a therapist who can help guide you through the process, I wouldn't recommend it. Doing shadow work can bring up a lot of emotions if you're already in a precarious mental state. But for most people it's great!

What if I have questions? Does this program entitle me to access to you?

There will be a Q+A live call, and you'll be prompted to submit questions before that. If you have problems with accessing your course material or a pressing question about the program please email me at Because this is a low-cost workshop there is no high-touch 1-1's included at this time. However, if you want to work with me as your coach implementing the material from this workshop please see my services page. 


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