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untriggerable af

wanna know some of the biggest bullshit ever?

you DON'T have to FEEL anxious, stressed, guilty, ashamed, self-loathing, worthless, fearful and all the other gross feelings that we experience on the regular.


these feelings that keep us stuck, fucked, resisting what we dream of, self-sabotaging opportunities and blocking open doors to what we've always desired are CHOICES our unconscious mind is making for us out of habit, conditioning and the desire to feel "safe."

you can loosen, neutralize + clear all of this in minutes.


there's nothing wrong with you. you are perfect the way you are.

but the way our unconscious mind works is unknown to most people. what we BELIEVE becomes fact. it becomes our way of life. it keeps us STUCK in limiting patterns and living out "self-fulfilling prophecies." 

in this audio program (private podcast feed) i'll rewire your belief pathways, your internal "playlist" (thoughts, sensations, emotions) and clear years worth of unuseful stories.

you decide how things are for you. you decide how you want to feel. you decide what holds power in your body, heart and soul. and i will not only show you how but do it for you.

you don't have to do  anything.

material is live, multiple new drops a month

release years worth of pressure on your way to work

clear crusty beliefs you've had since childhood while you scroll memes

heal sticky old feelings without having to bare your soul and relive trauma in the therapist's office

relearn how to cope so you always know what to do and how to effortlessly work *with* your nervous system instead of fighting against it

Unf*ck Yourself 🥵 Mini Workshop 💅

you know that mysteriously blind self-confidence that other people seem to have?
that's yours.

those unabashed boundaries that other people embody but feel elusive to you?
those are yours.

absolute zen.

total clarity over what you *really* want, what makes you happy, how to take action and keep taking it.

abundance, trust, independence and self-belief on tap?

motivation, energy, passion and focus?

this audio program (delivered like a private podcast feed on your favourite player) will help you rewire ALL of the top blocks, limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, states and sensations....


and take what you deeply desire to feel, do, be and make it a reality. right now.

i combine 5 years worth of enneagram studies, 3+ years worth of subconscious mind training, certifications and studies, and my entire's life worth of experience to provide you with the quickest, easiest transformation. 
you don't actually need to mine the depths and do a million journalling prompts to feel better or change your life. you can have the results and benefits and shifts you desire quickly and effortlessly.

- your relationships improve
- your self-worth, boundaries and confidence increase every single day at rapid speed
- your self-trust, intuition and possibilities expand

things that won't meaningfully change your life in a hugely positive way that cost $44

  • whatever that new video game is that'll eat 60+ hours of your life

  • 2 weeks worth of starbucks on your work break

  • a poorly-sewn dress from shein (that might have lead in it?)

  • a few months sub to netflix (to rewatch shows you've seen 5x and movies you'll memory-hole the next day)

  • a night out at a dive bar that results in a hangover and possibly-- is that a fungal infection?

or you can spend $44 on something that will make you feel lighter, sexier and 10x the thing things you already love about yourself - without the extra calories, hangover, lead poisoning or dissociating time suck.


you get:

  • 🧚‍♀️ everything feeling easier and freer 🧚‍♀️

  • releasing old triggers (anxiety, stress, anger, fear) that used to occupy your mind and nervous system FOR HOURS at a time 🤤 creating space for the feelings, thoughts and actions that actually FEEL GOOD 🤤

  • 💅 clarity, purpose, motivation, confidence, natural jeuje 💅

  • overflowing excitement and gratitude 🔮 hello manifestation hack 🔮 

  • not giving a fuck about other people's perceptions anymore ✨ high vibes IDGAF energy on tap ✨

  • embracing what's in your heart and trusting that you've got this

  • 💖 access to a mindset coach who clears old beliefs, traumas and states WHENEVER you desire it (simply put me in your headphones) 🎧

  • easily create habits and patterns that feel effortless and second-nature 🍃

  • 🪩 throwing out those old anxiety spiral LP's and self-loathing EP's and designing an entirely new playlist that makes you feel how you want and gets your ass dancing 🎶

💿 and like an attentive DJ, I'll be taking requests from my early bird, babes 💿

current audios:

  • 🎵 Getting Rid of Intrusive Thoughts Any Time 🎛️

  • ✨ Neutralizing Any Trigger ✨ (pop in your ears if you're upset)

  • ⚡ Letting Go of Worry + Fear of the Future

  • 👄 Neutralizing Impatience + Frustration 😤 

  • 😱 Procrastination 🗒️ Clearing Feeling Trapped By What You Wanna or Gotta Do 🍃

  • 🪄🧠🫀🦶Body Scan Guided Meditation 🪄🧠🫀🦶

  • 📱❌ Get off The Scroll Stroll 🧘🏻‍♀️Neutralizing Phone/Internet Addiction ❌🤳

  • ☮️ Release Feeling Victimized By Others 💪 Don't Give Your Power Away

  • 😱 Listen if You're Having a Panic or Anxiety Attack 😌 (Quickie)

  • 😎 Listen if You're Struggling to Allow Yourself to Feel Confident 💪

  • 🍃 Releasing Regret: Accepting + Appreciating Where You're At Right Now 🍃

  • 😓 ❤️‍🩹 Healing Shame (From Past Events + Childhood) ❤️ 😌

  • 🪄✨ Bringing What You Want Into Reality (Guided Visualization) 👁️

new audios added each month!


i'm larissa and i'll be your guide through the 'untriggerable af' experience!


i used to be wracked with anxiety, anger, self-pity, self-loathing and self-sabotaging behaviors. in 2020-2021 i gained my master level certification in mindset coaching, nlp/nee, hypnotherapy (and more). and after doing SO MUCH self-work (neutralizing, clearing, rewiring) and figuring out what creates the fastest results (in myself and clients) i've come through a years-long dark night of the soul with the elixir.


this program contains my elixir, and i hope it helps you as much as it's helped me, or even more!



Can I pay with Paypal instead?

Yes! The link is here. But please note that I have to manually add you to my private podcast feed app, and it may take up to 24-48 hours (although likely less time).

What if it doesn't work? Do you offer refunds?

I believe so strongly in what I'm creating and have created that if you go through this program (3 months minimum) and *actually listen* to all applicable audios at least 3 times (I can tell on the backend 💅 ) and literally *nothing* shifts for you in your inner or outer reality then yes, I'll give you your money back. I don't offer "whoops I shouldn't have bought this" refunds though. Don't invest in this if you're in a financially precarious situation. This program will still be here in a few weeks. If it feels aligned to you though, take the leap! This program is evolving and growing and I plan to run it for a long time (and you'll have access to all future updates).

Do you offer 1-1 support once I purchase?

No. Access to this course is included for people who sign up for 3+ month mindset coaching packages with me, otherwise if you want help or support in a specific area that comes up for you, you can book a paid session with me on my 'work with me' page and I'd be happy to help you.

Is this safe for me if I have trauma?

Depends. Basically everyone has some level of trauma trapped in their nervous system and I'm using techniques that neutralize and clear trauma (from a trauma-informed perspective). But if you have severe trauma, PTSD, or suffered from severe abuse and are worried you might have a strong reaction, then I would advise you to work with a therapist/counsellor first or use my program with the live support you have access to. I've created the audios in a way that is supportive and guides you out of these states so that you're not stuck with anything, but I would urge you to use your own discernment.


Please read the terms + conditions below for more on this as I am *not* a licensed clinical mental health care provider and *cannot* support you in mental health or mental illness related matters.

terms + conditions

Legal Disclaimers

  • This program does not constitute an attempt to practice trauma or clinical therapy.

  • Individuals should consult a licensed clinical mental health care provider for mental health advice and answers to personal mental health questions, especially regarding (but not limited to) traumatic events.

  • The information presented in this audio program is not intended to diagnose mental health problems or to take the place of the professional medical care provided by a licensed clinical professional therapist. 


Disclaimer of Liability

The user of this program assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of this program. Under no circumstances shall Larissa Thomas or anyone else involved in creating or maintaining this program be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or lost profits that result directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use the program – or that result directly or indirectly from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, errors, defects, or any failure of performance, communications failure, destruction or unauthorized access.



It is prohibited to share, duplicate or re-sell this private feed. If links/audios are shared access will be revoked.

By purchasing this audio course you agree to all of the above.

Please note, due to the digital nature of the program I don't offer refunds.

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