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Dance with Danger: Intro to Shadow Work


🌓 included 🌗 What you get is a combination of teachings (so you actually understand wtf is going on in your mind + bod) and tools + techniques to get you integrated with the parts that are lurking in the shadows, and feeling whole af. WEEK 1 (as soon as pay, you gain immediate access to): - Intro to Shadow Work workshop (44 minutes) - Shadow Work workbook + video walkthrough (22 minutes) - Guided somatic exercises (video) to help you ease into the process + what to do if something feels sticky - A powerful integration exercise you can use on shadow work or any internal conflict (16 min video + workbook) WEEK 2 (August 8) - Quick Intro to the Enneagram - Intro to the Personality Traps + Workbook - WTF is My Personality Doing? - Guided Shadow Integration Exercises for Each Enneagram Type to Unf*ck Yourself  WEEK 3 (August 15) - Trigger Hunting (Using your Enneagram Type) + Workbook - Neutralizing Triggers for Each Type + Workbook LIVE Q+A CALL (Date TBA) price goes up to $197 on Friday, August 4

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