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struggling with writer's block, creative blocks or procrastination? 😭

Are you struggling with writer's block, or a creative block in general? Like every time you sit down to write your novel or screenplay. If you get overcome with this gross feeling or overwhelmed.

TRY THIS: When you're sitting down at the blank page, or stack of old pages that you're resisting editing or finishing or re-starting... or picking back up your musical instrument, or your paintbrush...Just sit with whatever those feelings are and take nice deep breaths.

Put your hand on your heart and belly and take nice, deep breaths and just allow whatever is coming up in your body in that moment that feels likes resistance, or feels stick, or makes you want to run to the other side of the room to pick up a beer, or start cleaning, or cause drama, nap or masturbate or whatever.

Instead of doing those things, just breathe into it and allow it to be there and just ask questions:

- what is this feeling?

- what is this thought?

- what are the words coming to me?

- what are the memories coming up?

- what are the fears that are coming up for me right now?

Just allow it and trust that you're safe to experience it. And if you need to cry, just let it out. These emotions get trapped in our bodies when we don't fully allow ourselves to experience them and release them. Then they control us. It feels like we can't write, sing, create. These trapped emotions are what's stopping you from writing your great novel, screenplay, taking the first step to make your low-budget film, recording that song you wrote.

So just sit with it, and allow it to move through you. Allow the discomfort to rise. Because the discomfort pops... melts... falls away after a certain point. Once you allow it, and it peaks, it just dissolves.

After that, approach your creations with a sense of play and wonder. Tap into WHY you love to create. Don't worry about the outcome, if it's good, it's deep, what people will think or whatever comes up for you. Just play. Give yourself at least 15 minutes or 30 minutes to just play.

The more you do this practice the easier it becomes to initiate and keep at it.

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