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Is your procrastination caused by this? 😮 💨

You're almost *never* procrastinating because you're lazy or unmotivated. Sometimes it's actually caused by a feeling of time scarcity - where your time doesn't feel like it's yours.

Procrastination can be caused a covert or passive aggressive way of reclaiming your own time. You may have developed this coping mechanism as a child if you were always having to do what other people wanted, in early adulthood if you were forced to focus on other people's needs, at a job you hated, or if you lived with needy or demanding people. It wired in this pattern where you have to stretch things out and never "finish" them in order to be able to breathe or not feel overwhelmed. And how we do something in one area is often how we do it in all areas of life. So if you unconsciously created this coping strategy for one area, it likely bled into other areas over time (like your creative passions and things you *want* to do).

A great way to start reclaiming this "time" is to create mantras around it, like: "I have so much time. I have plenty of time to myself. I choose how I spend my time. I'm in total control of how I spend my time. Everything I do feels easy and effortless. I love facing things head on and finishing things as soon as possible because it frees up my time. I love enjoying my free time." It allows you to feel that pressure dissipate


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