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📼 submit a video for getting enneagram typed 📼


larissa’s typing style is like brap brap ✨🍆👹🖤🔫🧚🧠👅👾 womp womp. i’m a 7w6, so i’ll be pushing into provocative places (don’t be shy 🤭), turning you inside out, and then holding you up to the sun like rafiki does with simba.☀️ session may also include some coaching lite 🥤 to help you address personality patterns or issues that come up for you. includes pdf + commentary recording


This typing will include enneagram core + wing, + fixes + wings + dominant instinct.


*Please note that this is not a live call*


Submit a video to + get a recorded video response from Larissa.

Once you've paid you you will get the pdf with questions + instructions. Once I receive your video, you'll receive your typing within 5-14 days.


🤓 introvert typing with larissa

$65.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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