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what dafuq even is a limiting belief? 🤯

limiting beliefs are beliefs that keep us stuck or held back from our dreams, what we want, our next level. because they were often created in our childhood, they become our "comfort" zone - even if they're uncomfortable.

limiting beliefs can be especially intense when linked to a significant emotional event or trauma. because it can feel "unsafe" to believe something else. our unconscious mind is always searching to find evidence to reinforce our beliefs. and the more evidence it finds, the more TRUE these beliefs feel.

if we strongly believe something limiting or toxic about ourselves or the world, our mind actually works to create these situations! and this is why we can play out trauma patterns over and over. or why we can be attracted to toxic people. or keep repeating behaviours we desperately want to change.

it's not conscious. we're not intentionally trying to harm ourselves but the unconscious mind operates on confirmation bias.

so if you want to create a reality that doesn't totally suck your will to live, then you have to start consciously believing in the reality you do want to create. think what you wish you could think about yourself. feel what you want to feel. your unconscious mind was powerful enough to create what you don't want. therefore, your mind is powerful enough to create what you do want.

examples (feel true but it's actually a LIE. everything is perception + projection.)

  • "I'm not talented enough to be a writer."

  • "I'm horrendous at taking care of myself."

  • "Nobody likes me because I'm annoying."

  • "I can't find love, because I'm hideous."

abundant mindset reframes (you can make these feel like truth, too):

  • "I enjoy learning, trying things out and becoming a better writer with each thing i create. each obstacle teaches me something new! with each risk i take, the more impressive i become!"

  • "i'm getting so good at taking care of myself. look at me paying my billz on time! heyo, baller! cooked dinner. slept for 8 hrz. i'm a queeeen!"

  • "my fav people f*cking love me exactly as i am, and i inspire the sh*t out of them to be their most selfy selves. literal funnest people in this city."

  • "i'm an unconventional, unique beauty who attracts deep, fascinating people. i turn heads with my exotic allure."


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