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🔥👹✨shadow work prompts for each enneagram type 🔥👹✨

shadow work prompts for each enneagram type 🔥👹✨ do any of these make you want to run screaming? 👁️🕳️👁️ do that one.

enneagram type one

how can you be a little fucking messy and reckless and spill crumbs all over the counter and just lick ‘em up like a wild dog, today?

enneagram type two

how can you be unapologetically self-indulgent and embody your inner Madonna who is horny to meet her own needs, today?

enneagram type three

how can you be unabashedly real, drop the mask and reveal your hideous incompetent and unshiny truth just a titch, today?

enneagram type four

how can you be over-the-top mundane and relatable, basic AF, into-the-Vampire Diaries-listens-to-NPR-and-drinks-La-Croix, today?

enneagram type five

how can you dramatically over-share and engage in some inane chit-chat with Debbie from HR when she comes to your cubicle to give you a crypto cookie for your turbo competency, today?

enneagram type six

how can you trust your intuition and lean into your bosomy, flower power, the-universe-conspires-in-my-favour posi-vibes, fairy baby era, today?

enneagram type seven

how can you exercise a modicum of self-control, focus like a laser, keep your clothes on and ride out every sparkling, thirsty wh*re distraction as a whole vibe today?

enneagram type eight

how can you be a lil’ fuzzy wuzzy doe eyes softie and give a sweetie hug or a twistee treat to someone in your life or a random stranger, today?

enneagram type nine

how can you be provocative and stir up some shit up [and own tf out of it] because engaging in a mini conflict where you say what you really think is your new kink, today?

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