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≈ Resentment to Freedom Tapnosis (Tapping, EFT, Release Blame + Move Forward) ≈ Warning 💥 INTENSE

≈ Resentment to Freedom Tapnosis (Tapping, EFT, Releasing Blame + Moving Forward With Your Life) ≈ WARNING: INTENSE 70 minutes.

If you’re struggling to release resentment over past wrongs, or blaming others to the point where it’s keeping you from moving forward or stuck in a negative cycle, I hope this tapping/tapnosis video helps.

CAUTION: If you have trauma, and the idea of releasing resentment/blame toward someone is triggering, this is not for you, unless you are able to do it with a therapist or someone qualified in trauma present. Some of the initial language in the script might be triggering, but it's intentionally being used to help you take ownership over your feelings and move into a fully empowered state vs staying in a victim mentality.


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