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unf*ck  yourself

🧚your chaos pixie guide to living the life that YOU want, how YOU want🧚

  • is there a pattern you engage in that you are SO FUCKING READY TO QUIT but have no idea how to? you know it's *the thing* that if you changed it you'd get more of what you want and less of what you wish to ditch?

  • maybe you struggle to trust yourself (+ every time you do, it blows up in your face!) 😭

  • maybe you cannot commit or pick a thing, and end up never getting anything finished or ever feeling satisfied 😭

  • maybe you struggle to embody your boundaries and actually do what you truly desire because *other people* 😭

just because it’s a pattern, it doesn’t mean it’s your destiny. if you keep repeating an unuseful behaviors, work with me and unf*ck yourself in as little as one session.

our sessions will be ✨ sparkly, 👹 raw, and help you see yourself in a new powerful way. 💅 you get to choose who you are and what patterns and behaviors you engage in.

i synthesize whatever i need from my magic bag 🪄 (hypnosis, nlp, enneagram knowledge, subconscious mind + somatic modalities) to get you what you need. 🔮


unf*ck yourself ✨ session 🧞

😍 tap into your unique gifts 💅 🍾 let the genie out of the bottle 🧞


60 minute mindset party of 2 over zoom ✨🥓✨ 

in a single mindset coaching session we'll focus on an area of life you're 👉 struggling, stuck, circling the drain 👈 because you don't yet see the possibilities for you yet. i'll intuitively use a modality or two that I believe will help (EFT/Tapping, Hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, or another technique!).

service on hold
email if you want on waitlist

unf*ck yourself ✨3 months 🧞

+ includes email or telegram support  (over 12 weeks)
+ up to 12 x 60 minute powerful zoom coaching calls
+ includes access to my intro to Shadow Work course 
+ includes access to my Untriggerable AF private podcast feed
+ support materials as needed

*long-term packages on hold* 

what you get in our 3-month containers

  • get totally clear on your 'why' + anchor that in as your super power

  • regulate your nervous system so that what used to invoke anxiety and pressure feels easy, effortless and freeing

  • eliminate procrastination, resistance and self-sabotaging patterns

  • neutralize shame, fear and anxiety around whatever has been keeping you stuck

  • release conditioning (we all have it!) that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone + playing small

  • acclimate your nervous system to your next level so that you're able to create and live consistently from joy, abundance, authenticity and freedom instead of fear, conformity and scarcity

  • ten-fold your confidence so that people are all about "i'll have what they're having" around you

What Clients Say

"You had me laughing and crying and thinking. I feel very seen... This has been an outstanding experience."
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