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Uncancellable AF ✨ Mindset Coaching

Available Online

Uncancellable AF ✨ Mindset Coaching (3 Months)

  • 1 hour
  • zoom

Service Description

Uncancellable AF ✨ Mindset Coaching (3 months) feeling creatively constipated? 💩 a bunch of woke frogs caught in your throat? 🐸⚖️ are you worried that you'll lose friends or opportunities for making the kind of art you want to make or saying what you *really* want to say? 😓👄 work with me to: - regulate your nervous system so that expressing yourself authentically in your creations + online feels easy, effortless, freeing - eliminate procrastination + create from a place of self-awareness + play - transmute pain to create truly original art (writing, music, paintings, films, podcasts - whatever you love to create) with more depth, resonance and power -get totally clear on your 'why' + anchor that in as your super power - neutralize any kind of shame, fear or anxiety around haters or people trying to "cancel" you - release conditioning (we all have it!) that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone + playing small - acclimate your nervous system to your next level so that you're able to create consistently from joy, abundance, authenticity and freedom instead of fear, conformity and scarcity - ten-fold your confidence - take your output from once-in-a-while to if-i'm-breathing-i'm-creating (even if you have a draining day job) coaching over telegram (text, voice message) or email + powerful prompts + support material + 1 potent zoom call per month (total: 6-9) Please note if you sign up for the payment plan, you're committing to 3 months.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24 hours before rescheduling, you only get one reschedule per session. No shows forfeits fee. Last minute cancellations forfeit fee. No refunds.

Contact Details

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