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😭 you afraid to shine, my darling? 😭

are you afraid to shine, my darling? 😭

do you...

  • 🥀 worry that if you stand out the hizz/hurr soy-creatures will report you to the unsightly You’re Cancelled Gods and you’ll have to hide in a slime hole begging for forgiveness for the rest of eternity?

  • 🥀 dull your shine because when you stand out Rhonda your friend from grade 6 gets jealous and starts aggressively shoving her cleavage in everyone’s face, calls you “selfish” + has a dramatic public meltdown? And you just… don’t want to deal with that sh*t again.

  • 🥀 feel like if you get an opportunity it takes it away from someone who “needs it more”?

  • 🥀 hide your gorgeous true self away because you think it’ll upset your family or the Stepford Squad will judge you and kick you out of the tribe?

  • 🥀 panic at the thought of putting yourself out there because a ruthless hustler will grift along and snap up your sacred treasures?

😱 those are all from limiting beliefs and limiting beliefs are created by a combo of childhood wounding + our personality type's coping strategy.

✨ if you feel called to shine, to put yourself out there, belt your "song" out into the universe - then by god, you were BORN TO DO THAT. 🤩

👉 ⚡ an amazing hack to start rewiring your mind: ✨ take that belief and flip it

ex: take "when i shine i hurt people" and make it 👉 "when i shine i inspire the f*ck out of people" 👈

👄 ^make this your new mantra ^👄

😎 lmk what happens when you do it every day x 5 for the next week. 😎 work with me 1-1 or get a mindset quickie + gtfo of your own way 😘


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