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The shadow of Enneagram 7 👹 What triggers a 7? What do they envy?

On either side of enneagram type 7 is a wing 6 or a wing 8. (7w6 / 7w8)

7’s are often frustrated by controlling, ruthless, dictatorial people who tell them what to do - aka enneagram 8. Their bratty side is also often negatively activated and someone enacting “rejection” behaviors like not giving them attention or cutting them off from the endless fountain of whatever sparkly life fondue they crave. As positive types, 7’s might also fear going too far into the dark side of their nature, depending on their fixes. Not wanting to dwell in “realness” or reactivity.

7’s who are frustrated by tribalistic, “facts and data!” (screams through mask) people, by rules and restrictions that the 6’s need in order to operate in the world. 7’s are anti-restrictions, and 6’s live and die by them - even if they become “counterphobic” they need for their to be rules in order for them to rebel. 7’s don’t care about your rules, because they don’t apply to them. 7’s like to escape pain and fear and getting really annoyed being around 6’s doing fear spirals and focusing on what’s wrong.

7’s wanting to do everything on their own vs consulting the tribe, and finding it annoying when the “tribe” needs their assistance. / independence

Line to 1 - 1’s are order, perfection, purity, discipline and 7’s are not about that, even though they share frustration patterns with 1 they want chaos, fun, imperfection, enjoying the messiness of life. When others present in this holier-than-though angelic vibration, it might trigger the 7 to want to mess with them a bit and see if they can press into their imperfect, dark, or naughty side. The 7 may also envy the 1’s competency and discipline, feeling as if it’s something they lack.

Line to 5 - 5’s are competent, neutral, often flatter, narrower in focus, diving into one thing and not having that desire to taste all that’s out there, whereas 7’s want to riff on possibility after possibility which can wear the 5 out. 5’s withhold and withdraw, and 7’s hate or maybe conversely are turned on by withholding types. Where’s the juice? Give me something, honey! And if the 5 is knowledgable in an area that interests the 7 and they’re not gonna give it up the 7 can become super frustrated. The 7 may also envy the 5’s competency and ability to focus on stay on task, feeling as if it’s something they lack.

So even though the 7 has access to all of these elements in their own personality because it's more of a "shadow" aspect it can be triggering, enviable or irritating.


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