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The Shadow of Enneagram 6 👹 What Triggers Type 6's?

I mean what doesn’t trigger 6s?

Enneagram 6’s have access to 7 and 5 as a wing, which means a person’s core type can can be 6w7 or 6w5

6’s often don’t feel like they can show up in the world as boldly, confidently, assertively as a type 7, and as the proud “anti-narcissist” type they can view 7’s behaviors as narcissistic, selfish, gluttonous,. and so they can react negatively to people who enjoy such fruits because they believe that they’re not allowed to or that people “shouldn’t.”

7’s are also more likely to be unreliable, flippant, flaky and to just make shit up on the fly - another trigger for 6’s as they hold themselves to higher standards and abide by the super ego “rules” imposed on them by their personality, tribe, education system, job, or whatever. They’re conscientious so why aren’t you?

On their other side is a 5 wing. 6’s often dislike people who present with intellectual arrogance or hubris, some of that academic pomposity can be quite triggering even though many 6’s are seeking authority figures and experts and can desire to be seen as an authority figure or expert themselves, which often leads their shadow to grow causing them to come across as condescending know-it-alls when when at unhealthy levels or accusatory, hostile and “calling out” their guidance systems, gurus, daddy’s or whoever or whatever system they’ve embedded themselves in. The bad man, he’s doing it wrong! Conveniently, in a very non-narcissistic way positioning themselves as experts.

5’s can also be quite withholding and secretive of their many intellectual jewels which activates 6’s distrust and yearning for the guidance to be handed over. They can become agitated if they think someone outside of them is preventing them feeling safe or KNOWING ENOUGH just because they won’t validate the 6’s concerns or provide adequate guidance or research to back up their points.

5’s and 7’s don’t care if the 6 “gets it”, they don’t want to be the 6’s daddy. 5s and 7s are figuring shit out for themselves and loving every second of it - they don’t care if you’re along for the ride or not - and this can feel deeply invalidating and ostracizing to the 6.

6’s also have a line to 3 - which is arguably one of the more narcissistic types, like 7, 3’s like to shine, be the exemplar, the best, and as 6’s hate narcissists almost as much as they hate being wrong, when they begin to integrate their 3 shadow they can have a battle of wills feeling like they aren’t quite ready / or aren’t good enough to claim such status. They can see other people shining and become resentful or want to cut them down to size so they’re down in the mud with the commoners, and the 6’s.

6’s have a line to 9 - which is the “sleeping” and vague and dissociated type. What are they thinking? What do they really want? Which can be quite triggering to 6’s as a reactive type who want something juicy and locatable and solid to hold onto. The 9’s won’t give them that “realness” or clarity to quell their fears with. However 6’s can do the very thing they hate in 9’s when someone blames them for something. “Who what? Me? I don’t know…”

If everything I just said triggered the fuck out of you, it’s probably cuz you’re a 6 or have a strong 6 fix.

  • 6 (hypervigilant) - 3 (narcissistic), 9 (asleep)

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