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Just because you do self-work, it doesn’t mean you’re going to dissolve into some flawless putty creature who does no wrong and floats through the world sparkling everyone up. It doesn’t mean your personality or boundaries, preferences, depth or edginess disappear.

One of my biggest fears when I started my training as a Mindset Coach was that I'd lose my edge. That I'd no longer be able to access the parts of me that feel "me" - my darkness, the underbelly, the toxic thoughts that make me cackle in the night.

The truth is, I didn't lose ANY of it. I'm just no longer spun out into a state of hysteria or rage when someone does or says something I don't like. I still get that little creative ping and I quickly write down my nasty little insight to pepper into my creative work (or even an entire idea is born). I'm just not a slave to that feeling anymore.

If you’re already bitchy, doing self-work won’t mean you suddenly become a sweetie-pie, it just means YOU’RE not being controlled by whatever causes the bitchiness.

The goal is not to be a monk. Learning your patterns and releasing the traumas and beliefs that hold you emotionally hostage means you get to make better choices, you get to create a life that is more aligned TO YOU. You embody your boundaries with even more power and it becomes super easy to see what serves you and what doesn’t. What’s a waste of your energy and focus and what feeds your dream. You get to enjoy things more instead of having spirals of fear, anxiety, insecurity, envy, shame. You just get to do you, in all your glorious form.

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