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How the Mind Works (The Playlist)

Our “Programs” and Beliefs are Like Records

  • cultural programming

  • upbringing, past experiences

  • trauma

  • values

  • identity

  • shadow (i'm not THAT/hate/envy)

  • fears

  • hopes

  • emotions / feelings

  • negative beliefs

  • positive beliefs

when you put those records (songs) into a playlist it creates the vibe

what's on his playlist?

  • what's on his playlist?

  • "i'll never be good enough" (1992 remix)

  • "girls think I'm ugly" (greatest hits)

  • "my dad didn't love me and now i have a weird relationship with my boss" (masochist mix)

  • "i wish i could leave this town but i never learned how to use google maps or do my own laundry and why bother anyway" (extended cut)

  • "everyone hates me cuz i'm a white guy" (billboard chart-topper 2015 - 2023)

  • "i guess this is good enough" (defeatist outro)

  • "i wish i was like chad, i secretly want to hate-fuck his wife" (secret TOOL song)

what's on her playlist?

  • "i love myself and only say 'yes' to what i truly want" (club banger)

  • "i've cleared my old parental wounds and stepped into my massive fucking power and potential" (8 hour redux)

  • "everything happens FOR me, not TO me" (bossbabe mix)

  • "the people who are meant to be in my life stay and thrive, and the people who aren't say bye bye bye" (there's no such thing as rejection or abandonment freq-mix)

  • "failure is an illusion, i love learning and evolving" (#1 hit)

  • "i love embodying my truth, infinite worth and magnetizing what is aligned to me" (high vibe club closer)

  • "the Universe conspires in my favor" (subliminal audio)

the songs/records you choose to play create the playlist, the playlist creates the "vibe" (what you emit, what you attract, what you repel).

  • are you having fun? dancing? or over it?

  • does it feel good or make you want to puke?

  • are you energized or drained?

  • are you attracting awesome people or dank ones?

  • are you attracting abundance or regret/scarcity?

  • do you even like listening to it?

what would you rather listen to?

what will you play?

what makes you feel energized + empowered?

what's this playlist called?

grab the full length video for free, below!


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