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👹✨ here's a quick way to tell what enneagram type you might be 👹 👀

A quick way to tell what enneagram type you might be


  • 5’s are neutral and drilling into information or their competency fixation with very little movement or outwardly expressed joy

  • 6’s are the most fearful of the head types and are often worried about worst case scenarios, what could go wrong, why it will go wrong, why they suck

  • 7’s are often trying to escape fear with dazzling, novel, shiny objects and interests and courses and new adventures and new pets and new people to fuck and weird things to eat and BROADWAY!

HEART TYPES are always trying to convince themselves and others that they are a certain way

  • 2’s are trying to get the nurturer award, they know just what you need, baby

  • 3’s are trying to be the best at something, they like to be acknowledged for what they’re good at

  • 4’s are trying to convince themselves that they are deep, separate special exceptions and will always refine and push away away away, ew gross plebian

GUT TYPES are always operating on instinct

  • 8’s are ACTIVATED, trying to sniff out traitors, wall out enemies, and strategizing how they can dominate, be the most powerful, power rise control!!!!!

  • 9’s are VIBING, dissociating, merging, dreaming, floating, their instincts are watery unless you whip them up too much for too long and eventually you get a short-lived tsunami

  • 1’s are PERFECTING, whittling, frustrated with what is and what could be in their ideal reality where everything is clean and orderly and nice and well-behaved

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