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✨ no thanks, i'm already drunk ✨

get so high on your own shit that you dgaf about what's in a bottle

do you wish you didn't rely on that glass of vino after work? 🍷 (or maybe even during 😅)

maybe you're not all that into giving up the tipple, you just want to be able to pull zee lips from the nipple - once you've already had one or two 👄 (mummy issues? *same* )

wish to reduce the frequency with which you sip? 🤤

oh but despair, i can't stand my friends without a buzz? 😒 got you covered.

i'm not fun and i have social anxiety. 😭 got you covered.

has drinking become habitual and you just would really like to hit it and quit it without having to join a group, read a bible or stand up and confess your "sins" to strangers? ⛪

my audio course (no homework required) will neutralize your desire toward alcohol  so that it literally just seems like an old book on a shelf. a dusty dry tit.


a take it or leave it wtvr kind of vibe.


socialize while keeping your dignity and beauty in tact. 💅 

feel loose, fun, hilarious and sexy without becoming a sloppy bitch. 💃 

turn down drinks without feeling like a dorky buzzkill. 🙅‍♂️

get high on your own supply, on autopilot, without *any* external assistance. 🧚‍♀️


in this audio program (private podcast feed) i'll rewire your belief pathways, your internal "playlist" (thoughts, sensations, emotions) and clear your unuseful habit and craving.

you decide how things are for you. you decide how you want to feel. you decide what holds power in your body, heart and soul. and i will not only show you how but do it for you.

you don't have to do  anything.

material drops sept 29

release years worth of pressure on your way to work

clear crusty beliefs you've had since childhood while you scroll memes

heal sticky old feelings without having to bare your soul and relive trauma in the therapist's office

relearn how to cope so you always know what to do and how to effortlessly work *with* your nervous system instead of fighting against it
pre-launch price only for the first 10 people
  • 🍹 neutralizing or clearing the desire to drink (making alcohol mean *nothing* to you or about you)

  • 🎟️ your permission slip to be exactly who you are (even if that's an awkward fuggin' asshole)

  • 😔 clearing childhood guilt + guilt around drinking 😇

  • 😓 clearing childhood shame + shame around drinking 😊

  • 🤩 tapping into your innate confidence and charisma

  • 😌 naturally reducing anxiety and stress 🌱

  • 🥳 pre-gaming with your own energy ✨

  • 👹 activate your inner party animal sans substances 🤘

  • 🪩 clearing cringe + fear of other's perceptions to unleash your inner dancing queen/king 💃🏻🕺🏿

  • 😮‍💨 tapping into energetic "coping mechanisms" (totally free, zero calories, no hangover)

  • 🎤 healing the self-expression wound (so what if you're the seagull in the little mermaid? 🧜‍♀️)

  • 🎨 tapping into and amplifying creativity without substances

  • 👯 regulating your nervous system to socialize without alcohol

  • 🍒 regulating your nervous system to being intimate without alcohol 🍒

  • ❤️‍🩹 clearing the beliefs that you're not worthy or enough

  • 🥰 gaining clarity on what fills your heart and soul up

  • 🧯 dissolving old coping strategies + habits and creating new ones that 🔥 light you the fuck up 🔥

  • ❤️ creating a deep sense of self-forgiveness, trust and love 🙏

  • and more!

this audio program will be continuously updated over the coming weeks/months! (+ i'll keep adding until the library feels complete)

this audio program (delivered like a private podcast feed on your favourite player) will help you rewire ALL of the top blocks, limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, states and sensations....


and take what you deeply desire to feel, do, be and make it a reality. right now.

i combine 5 years worth of enneagram studies, 3+ years worth of subconscious mind training, certifications and studies, and my entire's life worth of experience to provide you with the quickest, easiest transformation. 
you don't actually need to mine the depths and do a million journalling prompts to feel better or change your life. you can have the results and benefits and shifts you desire quickly and effortlessly.

- your relationships improve
- your self-worth, boundaries and confidence increase every single day at rapid speed
- your self-trust, intuition and possibilities expand

things that won't meaningfully change your life in a hugely positive way that cost $44

  • whatever that new video game is that'll eat 60+ hours of your life

  • 2 weeks worth of starbucks on your work break

  • a poorly-sewn dress from shein (that might have lead in it?)

  • a few months sub to netflix (to rewatch shows you've seen 5x and movies you memory-hole the next day)

  • a night out at a dive bar that results in a hangover the next day

or you can spend $44 on something that WILL meaningfully change your life in a hugely positive way without the extra calories, hangover, lead poisoning or dissociated time suck.


you get:

  • everything feeling lighter, easier, freer

  • releasing old triggers (anxiety, stress, anger, fear) that used to occupy you for hours at a time

  • renewed sense of clarity, purpose, motivation, excitement, passion, confidence

  • not giving a fuck about other people's perceptions anymore

  • embracing what's in your heart and trusting that you've got this

  • access to a mindset coach able to clear old beliefs, traumas and states that you can access WHENEVER you desire it (simply put me in your headphones or speaker)

  • create habits and patterns that feel easy and effortless

  • rewire thought playlists that actually help you get what you want and feel how you want (instead of dragging your ass down into anxiety spirals and self-loathing)


i'm larissa and i'll be your guide through the 'no thanks, i'm already drunk' experience!


i started drinking at the age of 15 and it became a crutch for me in every sense of the word. alcohol poisoning? check. black-out binge-drinking nights? check. ruined relationships (friendships and romantic)? check. hooking up with people i would literally gag over when i was sober? check. fired from jobs? check. losing multiple phones, keys and wallets? check. sending out thousands of "omg what did i do last night?" and "omg i'm so sorry" texts like a telemarketer email blast? check. doing things that would 1000% get me "cancelled" (eyeroll)? check. check. check.

i've created a program that i wish existed during the multiple rock bottoms when i was searching for help.


AA never resonated with me. group programs never resonated with me. the idea of having to confess my sins, go on ANOTHER apology tour, outsource my personal power, follow some 12-step "plan" and journal on all the ways i was rotten - no fucking thank you. while that may work for other people, that was not my jam. i'm a freewheeling pixie and i prefer to keep it that way.


all i wanted was to not feel like i *needed* alcohol to fucking function. that i could have fun without alcohol. to be able to stop after 2 drinks instead of punching my liver and emptying my bank account. to find a healthier way to deal with stress, anxiety, frustration and disappointment in a way that didn't require to me to suck back cheap vino. to be able to FEEL GOOD without having to create that sensation artificially.

this you, too? i can help.



What if it doesn't work? Do you offer refunds?

I believe so strongly in what I'm creating and have created that if you go through this program (3 months minimum) and *actually listen* to all applicable audios at least 3 times (I can tell on the backend 💅 ) and literally *nothing* shifts for you then yes, I'll give you your money back. I don't offer "whoops I shouldn't have bought this" refunds. If you're struggling financially but feel on a soul-level that this would help you, then email me directly.

Is this safe for me if I'm severely alcoholic, dependent, or will go into withdrawals if I quit? 


NO. If you're dependent on alcohol and your body will shut down/get sick from quitting and you want to utilize my program, you must have outside support (whether that's a medical professional, rehab, etc). This program is for people who are not dependent enough that they are SAFE to quit. If you can't tell if you'll have a physical reaction/get ill, then please consult a medical professional first. I'm not qualified or legally able to assist you in that manner. But I'm sending you big fucking love and I absolutely believe that you have the power to change your life once you have a support system in place to aid you. ❤️ You are more than a coping mechanism. You are more than a bottle. And you are worthy of love, good health and happiness.

Do you provide 1-1 support once I purchase this program? 


No. I offer various mindset coaching packages (whatever is available on my site as of reading this). If you want to work with me in whatever that capacity is and you would like help on your journey with this particular issue please email me directly so we can figure out if this is an aligned match, my availability and your needs.. While I'm certified in hypnotherapy, NLP/NEE, somatics and mindset coaching, I'm *not* trained to work with people specifically on addiction or who are deeply traumatized. If you wish to use this program with your therapist/counsellor's help, feel free! (And if you're a therapist/counsellor/clinician and wish to license my program for clients, contact me directly.)

Does this replace the need for AA or something like that?


Depends. AA has helped a lot of people and saved many lives, but it's never been the vibe for me. If you want to do AA and use my program, go ahead! My approach and perspective may overlap in some areas, but it's likely wildly divergent to what they teach and preach. Because I never resonated with any of the programs I stumbled across over the years I cannot speak with any kind of authority on what actually overlaps and what doesn't. I created this program for people who don't want to identify as an "alcoholic," circle the drain on past wrongs, or outsource to a higher power/group dynamic. This is for people who want to clear their desire towards alcohol and not make a big thing of it or make being an alcoholic/sober part of their identity. I trust that you're able to discern your own needs in this regard.

Do you offer a community or group support for this?


Not at this time and it's unlikely that I will in the future. I created this program for people who just want to clear the issues and move on with their life. My belief is that the more attention you put into something, the more it amplifies. So I prefer to build communities around the things I want to amplify (not the things I want to move forward from). I also teach on this in the program. If you desire a community aspect or group support on your healing journey, there are probably options available to you in the outside world or online. 🙏 If my 'independent' approach to this doesn't feel aligned to you, that's totally ok. Everyone is on their own path and feels resonant with different ways of doing things, and I trust you'll find what you need.

terms + conditions

Legal Disclaimers

  • This program does not constitute an attempt to practice trauma or clinical therapy.

  • Individuals should consult a licensed clinical mental health care provider for mental health advice and answers to personal mental health questions, especially regarding (but not limited to) traumatic events.

  • The information presented in this audio program is not intended to diagnose mental health problems or to take the place of the professional medical care provided by a licensed clinical professional therapist. 


Disclaimer of Liability

The user of this program assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of this program. Under no circumstances shall Larissa Thomas or anyone else involved in creating or maintaining this program be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or lost profits that result directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use the program – or that result directly or indirectly from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, errors, defects, or any failure of performance, communications failure, destruction or unauthorized access.



It is prohibited to share, duplicate or re-sell this private feed.

By purchasing this audio course you agree to all of the above.

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